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Biotechnology is technology that utilizes biological systems, living organisms or parts of this to develop or create different products. Brewing and baking bread are examples of processes that fall within the concept of biotechnology (use of yeast (= living organism) to produce the desired product). Such traditional processes usually utilize the living organisms in their natural form (or further developed by breeding), while the more modern form of biotechnology will generally involve a more advanced modification of the biological system or organism. Is biotechnology can be better option for carrier? With the development of genetic engineering in the 1970s, research in biotechnology (and other related areas such as medicine, biology etc.) developed rapidly because of the new possibility to make changes in the organisms’ genetic material (DNA). Today, biotechnology covers many different disciplines (eg. genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, etc.). New technologies and products are developed every year within the areas of eg. medicine (development of new medicines and therapies), agriculture (development of genetically modified plants, biofuels, biological treatment) or industrial biotechnology (production of chemicals, paper, textiles and food).

News & Announcements

Nov. 22, 2022 : Parents Teacher Meeting will be held on 23 November, 2022.

Nov. 12, 2022 : 2nd Internal Test of 3rd year and 4th year Biotechnology students will start from 14th November, 2022.

Dr. Anupam Singh
Dr. Anupam Singh
(HOD, Dept. of Biotechnology)
HOD’s message

It gives me heartfelt gratitude that I join you all for the marvelous initiation. Ultimately an educational institution is judged by the kind of human beings molded in its premises. I am proud to assert that our department has met this standard of success with utmost humility.


To become a leading department in the country by imparting exceptional education and provide an excellent environment to future biotechnologists with knowledge and academic excellence thereby gaining a competitive edge in the professional world.


1. To provide Biotechnology based educational Program with impetus to generate quality workforce.
2. To create awareness about potentials of Biotechnology with socio-ethical implications.
3. To develop trained biotechnological professionals who can contribute in continuous improvement of biotechnological services and products.

Program educational objectives (PEOs)
  1. PEO1: To make our students competent in field of biotechnology and its allied areas.

  2. PEO2: Graduates willfully continue their education or opt for employment in biotechnology and related professions.

  3. PEO3: To provide technical education necessary for students to acquire sound knowledge of biotechnology.

Program specific outcomes (PSOs)
  1. PSO1: Ability to understand the basic and advanced concepts of Biotechnology.

  2. PSO2: Ability to solve complex biotechnological problems using latest available resources and information.

  3. PSO3: For being an ideal biotechnologist, students should have ethical, social, and environmental responsibilities.

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